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Reliable internet is the backbone of any home or office today.  Having a reliable internet connection is essential when expanding your smart home. The amount of frustration that comes along from that one room in the back of your home or office that just won't get that Wi-Fi signal is unbearable. Wouldn't it be nice to have perfect internet/Wi-Fi throughout your entire home or office? With today's technology, mesh Wi-Fi systems make that possible.  We work with your current internet service provider to use their existing equipment to create one large Wi-Fi network in your home or office to ensure none of your devices have problems connecting to the internet every again. 


Home Networks 

In 2022, why would you need a wired connection? 


A question we get all the time from our customers.  Truth is, while Wi-Fi is great, it doesn't work ALL the time.  With the transition of people working from home, it is important you have a reliable, stable connection 24/7 to make sure your Zoom calls stay connected and your always connected to your team. Think about how many times you've gone to print something and your printer is having internet issues, or gone to watch a movie with your family and your Netflix is taking forever to load.  Having a wired connection to devices like TV's, computers, printers, and access points can relieve the stress of messing with your devices.  Having a solid home network with ethernet locations throughout your home sounds outdated, but will always be the best way to delivery fast and reliable internet to your devices.  Home networks can include:

  • Ethernet switches

  • Network Controllers

  • Modems

  • Routers

  • NAT (Network Attached Storage)

  • UPS Battery Backups

Office/Small Business Networks

Looking to upgrade your existing business?  

  ProTech has the technicians for you! 

Our services include:

- Cat 5e/6 cable installation

- Access point installation

- IP Phone Installation

- Server installation & setup

- Network rack installation

- Security camera installation

& more! 

We help your business stay connected and running smoothly.  We offer services to provide complete rack builds, along with access point deployment, server setup, and more!  Give us a call to speak to a technician for an in-person consultation

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