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Smart Home

Make Your Standard Home...Smart!

Control virtually everything in your home from your mobile device or voice assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Siri! Apps are available for iOS and Android. Some systems have dedicated remotes and touch screens available. Lights, climate control, home theater, home audio, and security are just some of the things that can be professionally integrated into an easy-to-use system that simplifies your busy life. If it plugs in, it can be automated. And now, smart home automation is more powerful and more affordable than ever.  Check out the services we provide down below.  If you don't see what you're looking for and are wondering if we can help, shoot us an email or give us a call!

Video Doorbells

Tired of porch pirates stealing your packages?  Want to know when someone is at your door while you're away?  Video doorbells are a great way to know exactly who and what is happening at your front door. And with built-in two-way audio, having a conversation with whoever is at your door is easier than ever.

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Lighting Control

Control lights individually; by room, zone, or the entire home. Control landscape and outdoor lighting too. Smart dimmers allow you to set the ideal amount of light for the moment. Combine lighting settings with blinds, climate, home audio, and more. Create the lighting for your home for entertaining, getting ready for your day, or unwinding in the evening.

Blind Control

No more fiddling with your blinds.  Control them at your fingertips with smart blinds, that can be preset to certain positions and even open/close at sunrise or sunset.  Install smart blinds throughout your entire home to have seamless blind control everywhere.  Combine them with lighting scenes to create perfect automations for different activities. 

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Door Locks

Keys be gone.

Never carry keys to open doors again.  Replaced with keypads, smart door locks require a simple pin to access your home.  Give custom codes to members of your family, and create scheduled codes for nannies, dog walkers, or babysitters.  These codes only work within a specific time period.  Once the timeframe has passed, the codes no longer work.  

Climate Control

Smart thermostats allow you to control the house temperature whether you're at home or away.  Preheat the home to reach a certain temperature by the time your home, or simply set the thermostat in the comfort of your own bedroom.  Save money on utilities by optimizing your home’s heating and air conditioning systems.

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Security Cameras

View all corners of your home with security cameras.  The latest technology allows you to view your cameras from your mobile device remotely.  Most cameras also feature two-way talk and cloud storage for easy access to your video files.  

Alarm Systems

Tie your alarm system directly into your current smart home system.  With internet connectivity, smart alarm systems will send alerts straight to your mobile device.  You can even use your smart door locks or mobile device to arm/disarm your alarm system.  With wireless systems, you can add different sensors to cover every inch of your home, to ensure your house is secure and safe. Connect your smoke alarms and even add flood/freeze sensors to detect floods in basements or laundry rooms.

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Mesh Wi-Fi

Tired of horrible wifi speeds and coverage?  Upgrade your existing Wi-Fi network with a mesh Wi-Fi network.  Unlike a traditional router that sends a signal from one location, mesh routers are placed throughout your home and triangulate the signal for incredible Wi-Fi speeds and coverage.  Say goodbye to long load times and say hello to super-fast Wi-Fi!

Don't see your device above?  Chances are, if it's a smart device, we can install it.  Give us a call or shoot us an email to check and see if we can help!

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