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Home Theater

Design a Home Theater That's Right For You

Everyone has a room that can be transformed into a state-of-the-art home theater—and now, it’s more affordable than ever. ProTech has the best brands for projectors, screens A/V receivers, speakers, 4K Ultra HD TVs, and theater seating to help you create your own home cinema. ProTech’s team takes care of everything, from projection screens to theater seating—all you do is make the popcorn!

Home Theater Components

Surround Sound

The best surround sound system is the one you don’t notice but simply enjoy. Quality audio enhances the home cinema experience … it immerses you, pulling you deeper into the experience. At ProTech, we work with every customer to create a surround sound system optimized for their project, and the customer’s listening preferences.

marantaz reciver.jpg

Receivers & Amplifiers

Audio/video (A/V) receivers, processors, and amplifiers are the hub of a home cinema, unleashing the potential of a multichannel surround sound system. ProTech has experience with state-of-the-art and award-winning A/V components from brands like Sony, Anthem, Yamaha, Onkyo, Integra, Denon, and Marantz. Many A/V processing systems are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive formats and can be integrated into your home theater and smart home.

Screens & TV's

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current television with a larger size, upgrade to OLED, or want to go all out with a full projector system, choosing the right screen for you is important.  Many factors go into which screen or TV is right for your space.  Which ever route you decide to take, ProTech will ensure you have the best setup for your space. 



Take the next step towards a dedicated home theater with a full projector setup.  With hundreds of models to choose from, ProTech makes it easy to consolidate your options and provides you with the best projector for your setup.  Whether you want a high-end projector to last you for years to come, or something nice to enjoy with your family for special occasions, ProTech can help you find what will work best for you. 


Home theater seating is designed with media viewing in mind. This makes them ideal not only for home cinemas, but for great rooms, media rooms, and even man caves—wherever you want to enjoy your favorite movies, TV, music, and gaming. You will love the comfort of electric reclining and inclining, sumptuous leather, LED lighting, cup holders, and even built-in beverage cooling.

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